U.S. Open Championship 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jordan Niebrugge

Flash Interview

JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: Just need to hit a few more iron shots a little closer. But other than that, I played pretty solid, and got to get putts to drop.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: It's awesome. We had a lot of guys following us today. We had a bunch of the OSU family and a lot of family friends from around here and even back in Illinois. So, you know, it was a fun day. All of us had a lot of fun.

We played solid, all three of us and we had a lot of fun playing, getting together and playing out there.

Q. Was there pressure or was it more relaxing?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: I think a little bit of both, you know? It's like playing in a home event, you know. There's obviously some -- you're going to be nervous in any event, especially of this magnitude. But playing in front of the home crowd, encouraging you every step of the way is pretty cool.

Q. Was the course playing easy today?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: You know, there wasn't much wind up until probably, I think, when we got to 13 or 12 or so. And then the wind kind of picked up and some of those holes played a little tough on the back side. You know, the greens were so pure. They were rolling great, and all you had to -- you just kind of had to get it rolling and pretty much goes in from there.

Q. I've heard your name pronounced 30 different ways already this morning. Are you used to that? What is the correct pronunciation?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: Yeah, I'm a little used to it. But I think they might have gotten both of them, Mequon and Niebrugge wrong in the first tier. They were close, but it's rare they get both of those right. But it's always fun. I get a good laugh out of it.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: As I was saying, the first 12 holes are playing fairly easy. The greens are pretty soft and receptive. You know, it's just long. The greens are rolling so pure, so I can see a lot of guys getting on a roll with their putter and making some putts. If you're keeping it on the fairway, you can attack a lot of these holes out here. You definitely have to -- some of the pins out there are tough, but there are some gettable pins.

Q. What was the camaraderie like with your OSU guys? At any point did you feel like maybe it wasn't a U.S. Open, it was a practice round for college?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: I don't know if we would have gone to say it was a practice round for college, but it was definitely comfortable out there once we kind of got going, and we were all playing pretty solid.

Gooch was playing great on the front side, and we both kind of, me and Kevin both started playing a little better. Yeah, we played solid, and I would say that we were all pretty comfortable out there today.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: I wasn't in the fescue at all. I was in the rough a couple times, but I wasn't ever in the fescue, which was good, obviously.

Q. What happened at the bogey?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: I had three bogeys. I bogeyed -- hit it in the bunker off the tee on was is it 6 or 7? 7, I hit 230 into that pin, and I hit my 2-iron up there and just didn't get up-and-down. It was a pretty tricky pin. So I made 6 there, and I three-putted on hole 15. It was a really tricky pin, and I was on the left side of the bridge and putted into about seven feet and ended up missing it.

16, I had a little funky -- I had a little funky iron in the bunker, and hit a good putt, it just didn't drop.

Q. You've played here before, how different did it feel to be in a major championship feel this time around?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE: You know, it's a lot warmer right now than when I've played in it. But we're playing a couple boxes back. It's a long golf course, it's tough, but it's fair. You've got to keep it in the fairway. Like I said, you can attack some of the holes out there. I felt comfortable, yeah, all day.

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